nginx configuration

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Did a brew install of nginx which puts config files in /usr/local/etc/nginx.

Then simplified the nginx.conf file to this.

events {
    worker_connections  1024;
include servers/*;

Added the following to /etc/hosts. note

Added servers/note.conf.

http {
    # So my goal here is to have all static stuff handled by nginx
    # and everything else handled by node app.
    server {
        root /Users/jstein/github/take-note;
        server_name note;
        location / {
            proxy_pass http://localhost:6543;
        # So this allows nginx to serve index.html from
        # /Users/jstein/github/take-note/html if the path matches /
        # exactly. You can have parameters like /?foo=bar&zoo=man#whatever
        location = / {
            root html;
            index  index.html;
        # This location is needed as well to serve index.html as /
        location = /index.html {
            # root /html; # 404 not found
            # root html; # gives me /usr/local/var/www/index.html !?!
            # don't know why i have to put full path in here.
            root /Users/jstein/github/take-note/html;
        # All the rest of our static assets besides index.html should
        # be under specific folders. This is faster than regex and
        # better organization.
        location ^~ /img/ {
            # let the poor users browser our img folder if they want,
            # but then will need to specify the trailing slash.
            autoindex on;
        location ^~ /js/ {
            autoindex on;
        location ^~ /css/ {
            autoindex on;

You can browse the app at http://note or http://note/anything/but.the/excluded.folders.

You can get a directory listing of the images, javascript or css at http://img/, http://js/, http://css/. Trailing slash is required.