Martin Holste on AWS Lambda Functions

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Building Scalable and Responsive Big Data Interfaces with AWS Lambda

July 10, 2015 FireEye AWS Lambda

This is a guest post by Martin Holste, a co-founder of the Threat Analytics Platform at FireEye where he is a senior researcher specializing in prototypes.


At FireEye, Inc., we process billions of security events every day with our Threat Analytics Platform, running on AWS. In building our platform, one of the problems we had to solve was how to be efficient and responsive with user-driven event analysis at this scale. Our analysis falls into three basic categories: threat intelligence matching, anomaly detection, and user-driven queries. We relentlessly search for ways to improve our efficiency and responsiveness, and AWS Lambda is a solution that has shown significant value in fulfilling these goals by providing a simple platform for scaling user-driven workloads.